Mahan Shrestha


In 2000 Mahan was hooked and sweating it out with Bikram yoga in a bid to balance out all her weight training and the masculine energy of an old-school gym. With a background in TCM, massage, and energy work, Mahan was seeking a teacher. Very quickly, Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga found her in 2002. Since then, Mahan worked as a trainer on teacher trainings in Australia, Nepal and in New Mexico USA. This practice originally took her to the high Himalayan hub of Nepal, where she was immersed in the culture and all things Buddhist. Leading annual yoga retreats and serving within the local community became life. Little did she know how much this would change her.

Now with Mahan’s free-spirited soul self deeply grounded back in her homeland, she still loves to train with weights, stretch out with Yin yoga, elevate herself and others with the precious gifts of Kundalini yoga, and share the love of all this with everyone. She looks forward to meeting you and growing together.