Dealing with Digestive And Hormonal Issues In Women

Feeling like you need to unblock your gut or is your body not feeling aligned and in flow? If you are doing all the right things, but have digestive and hormonal issues that you just can’t budge and feel like you’re going round in circles, then this gentle feminine massage could be the key to get you flowing…

The Arvigo Abdominal & Chakra Balancing Massage

Arvigo is a holistic abdominal massage treatment that delves a little deeper on where you are holding blockages in your abdomen, after all we hold a whole lot of our emotions in our tummy. Think excited butterflies, anxiousness and most of our other emotions are mainly felt here. It is also a vital system to process and eliminate our excess hormones. This treatment gently releases tension and blockages to create flow. Combined with a ‘Chakra’ balancing back massage to integrate flow to your nervous system. You will feel more calm, grounded and a “sense” of lightness and awakening in the body.

Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Therapy is all about refocusing our attention and energy on the health and happiness of the organs that reside there. Symptoms and conditions flourish in a negative, stagnant, toxic space and the more we talk about them the more energy that have to flourish and thrive resulting in chronic illness or ongoing unresolved health challenges effecting the digestive and reproductive organs and systems.

Abdominal Therapy supports the body from the inside out focusing on clear and vibrant movement of the channels of flow that maintain health and vitality within the belly space.

Arvigo Maya massage for a woman’s “center”

Practitioners of the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy believe that the uterus is a woman’s “center of being.” When out of alignment, they say, it can lead to a range of problems the therapy tries to correct. Those issues include:
— Painful or irregular periods, along with PMS, mood disorders, headache or migraines and low back pain
— Painful intercourse
— Varicose veins
— Frequent urination, incontinence, bladder and vaginal infections
— More serious, chronic conditions like endometriosis, uterine fibroids and uterine polyps
— Difficulty getting pregnant and repeat miscarriages
— Difficult menopause

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Maya Goddess Of Medicine – Arvigo abdominal Massage

On one of our very first forays into the jungle searching for medicinal plants, Don Elijio said that “walking in the mountains with a woman was very good luck,” we trudged further up the mountainside toward the rising sun. “Ix Chel shows her medicine more readily when a healer walks with a woman.” Out of breath trundling along behind him, I asked, “Who is Ix Chel?” . Patiently, as if speaking to a child, he answered, “She is the Goddess of healing. Women pray to her for fertility and she brings dream visions to healers and weavers. She is my very best friend. “ – Rosita (my teacher!)

Reclaiming the Power of the Pelvis

“The pelvis, the area in the very bottom of your torso, is a source of tremendous power, physically as well as emotionally. The Eastern Vedic traditions speak extensively about the root chakra and how important it is to the healthy functioning of everything else in the body. Chinese medicine also honours the pelvis as a major gateway to the body’s vital energy flow.” ~ Suzanna Scurlock-Durana

The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy®️ addresses pelvic disorders & conditions affecting pelvic and abdominal organs. Increasing health & vitality in this area can improve your life physically, mentally, & spiritually.

So if you’re interested in ongoing care for these types of issues, individualised wellness plans can be developed including massage therapy, yoga and meditation here at Vitality.

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