The Beauty of Reflexology

feel good, feel better, feel balanced

A customised reflexology treatment, created for your unique needs, will give you a beautiful feeling of peaceful, timeless floating, encouraging your body and mind to enter a deep state of relaxation and thereby enhancing the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Our practitioners will arrange a combination of ancient and modern reflexology techniques to assist in reviving your body’s natural energetic state and help address your current health concerns.

After your sessions you will feel refreshed and lighter, grounded and balanced. For long-term benefits we can create an ongoing plan. It is suggested that you have your first four sessions within a 2-4 week time period.

What is reflexology?

The nerve endings of every body part, gland and organ are located in the feet. The locations of these nerve ending can be termed ‘reflexes’ (hence ‘reflexology’). By manipulating these reflexes, blood flow to the connection area of the body is stimulated which in turn encourages healthy oxygenation, release of toxins, energy flow and the restoration of a state of balance, or ‘homeostasis’.

Almost every traditional culture has its own form of homeostatic discernment via the foot. Whilst reflexology has been practiced for 1000s of years, the development of modern Western reflexology is accredited to Eunice Ingham during the 1930s and Fr Joseph Eugster in current day Taiwan. There are many practitioners today, each adapting this ancient skill to accommodate their clients’ needs and developing the diversity of treatments available.