Neural Organisation Technique

N.O.T primarily deals with identifying and correcting faults within the nervous system. The Central Nervous System is made up of the spinal cord and brain with nerves branching out into every part of the body. It forms a direct line of communication between your brain and body through the regular transmission of nerve impulses. The CNS is responsible for proper control of every function within your body, from digestion and sensory functions to correct heart rate and blood pressure. Trauma, injury, or stress can inhibit its ability to properly control these functions. The aim of Neural Organisation Technique is to reorganise and improve the function of the central nervous system. The theory of N.O.T. is based on the understanding that a healthy body has a natural innate ability to be self-regulating, self-healing, and self-perpetuating. Adjustive techniques to reactivate and reorganise the nervous system. Dr Andrew Knight uses a combination of acupressure, cranio-sacral therapy, applied kinesiology, muscle testing, spinal adjustments, and coordinated breathing to facilitate the adjustment.