Naturopathy is a natural and holistic approach to healthcare. It uses a blend of ancient traditional knowledge of herbs, using foods as medicine and combined with firm evidence based science to deliver a well-rounded approach to treating symptoms, dis-ease and maintaining good health. A Naturopath will assess many factors of your life and aim to help you understand how things are inextricably linked to your other body systems, your diet, lifestyle and even your thoughts and develop a personalized treatment plan for the individual.

A Naturopath will help you to perceive your body as a whole and begin to understand that the body is inherently intelligent. In fact, the body is self-healing given the right conditions. Through Naturopathic treatment it can assist your body to return to its optimal state, in which it has the ability to heal. Herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle changes can naturally give your body a helping hand to function as it is designed to.