Whilst other forms of medicine focus on symptoms, Kinesiology focuses on the relationship between symptoms and how they form a pattern of dysfunction. It helps to identify all the factors, which may be blocking the body’s natural healing process. Kinesiology does this by using the muscles to interact with the body’s computer, the Brain. Muscles are wired to the brain via the nervous system.

Acting like a mouse on a computer, we can access the various systems in the body through the brain and it’s connections to the rest of the body/mind. Kinesiology utilises the following tools to assess and correct imbalances:

• Acupressure
• Muscle monitoring
• Chakra therapy
• Structural techniques
• Substance testing
• Nutritional Support
• Sound therapy
• Crystals

Mind Body Medicine (MBM) recognises that behaviours inform disease, and we are often unconscious of our behaviours that keep us stuck in pain or illness. We may often behave in a certain way in order to attain or avoid a particular ‘feeling’. MBM aims to reconnect us to that root feeling so we can move forward into full health in a truly empowered way