Shamanic Energy Healing


Sue Jackel

Shamanic Energy Healing

Sue is trained and initiated in shamanic healing through training with The Four Winds Society – Light Body School as an Energy Medicine Coach and shamanic practitioner.  She believes that each person holds the power to create health and well being within themselves. She knows that shamanic healing can clear energetic blockages to allow people to shed old stories and create new futures and better health.

Each of her sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the client reflecting where they are in their journey towards healing and wholeness.  Shamanic energy medicine works on the energetic level to shift deep patterns which keep people ‘stuck’ and therefore creating the opportunities for healing, growth, well being and joy.

Shamanic healing can help clients move heavy ‘weight of the world’ feelings so they feel lighter and more able to manage each day.  It can also shift patterns which keep repeating in our lives and create a path for clients to change how they react to situations and thus create the changes they want to see.  The healings can positively assist with managing the situations in our lives and helping clients leave the past behind.

Sue also believes that we need rites of passage in our lives and is available to create ceremonies for births, marriages and other milestones including relationship endings, moving house, new jobs, changing life phases and the passing of a loved one.  Sue also offers ceremonies for cleansing and blessings of homes when first moving in or after changes in the house.

Sue loves to travel, sings in a community choir, enjoys a good book and has two beautiful Siamese cats.

She works Monday and Wednesday 11am to 7pm or at other times by special appointment.