Rosemarie Walmsely

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy from Laws College

Rosemarie Walmsley is a fully qualified naturopath with professional accreditation from the Complementary Medicine Association and over 20 years of experience. Rosemarie’s holistic approach and investigative process seeks to identify and address the original cause of disease in order for real sustained healing to take place. Rosemarie does not adopt a one size fits all approach. She recognises that everyone is different and crafts eating and lifestyle programs that are customised, achievable and life changing. Her health and wellness programs have been tested and retested and are adapted to individual needs. She constantly updates her knowledge base with the latest research in order to give her clients the best treatments and information. The results are long lasting and she equips her clients with the necessary information and skills to take control of their own health and wellbeing outcomes. To produce the best outcomes, she works with your GP, specialists and other health professionals to provide a truly holistic and integrated treatment program.

Rosemarie loves to help with the following:

Physical Health

  • restoring and maintaining gastrointestinal health
  • nutritional correction
  • herbal and natural medicine
  • raw food wellness programs
  • dietary and lifestyle programs

Holistic Counselling

  • emotional, psychological investigation
  • techniques to cope with personal issues
  • meditation and mindfulness coaching