Transformative Coaching


Michael Lauria

Relationship Coach

“I believe it takes exactly the same time, money and energy to reignite the fire in a relationship as it does to allow it to turn to embers”

Michael is a Relationship Coach with over 15 years’ experience in guiding couples towards connection. He is passionate about the importance of bringing what is unconscious to conscious awareness is the key to building both relationships and self-awareness.

As we build self-awareness, we can practice being conscious, intentional and purposeful within our relationship.

We all have our own story, our own journey, which has unconsciously ingrained in us certain beliefs, experiences, and values. It’s these, which we bring into our relationship, which then either serve to help or hinder it. Once an individual is fully conscious of what is buried deep within their consciousness, transformation occur on both an individual level and within relationships.

This type of Conscious Coaching guides us to overcome old subconscious programming that does not serve anymore and will re-program the subconscious with new paradigms, beliefs and values promoting fresh thinking towards a more successful and fulfilling relationship.