Jessica Goh


We welcome Jessica Goh to our team of practitioners.

Jessica is a qualified homeopath who is inspired about maintaining and restoring optimal health. She believes in thorough, individualised treatment and the holistic approach to healing which homeopathy offers. She addresses the physical symptoms of the body, psychological aspects, and takes into account one’s nature and attributes, both current and inherited. Jessica is particularly passionate about getting to the root cause of any illness and detoxing the body at the cellular level.

Jessica is also a qualified Yoga instructor, having trained in India under the teachings of the Bihar school of yoga. She believes in nourishing the body through mindful practice and creating awareness of observation through meditation.

In her spare time Jessica loves travelling to exotic locations, exploring the outdoors and the occasional fine glass of pinot grigio.

Special areas of interest include

  1.  Detoxing Heavy metal chelation
  2.  Natural fertility
  3.  Food sensitivities / allergies
  4.  Gut issues
  5.  Mood disorders
  6. Chronic pain
  7. Women’s health / hormonal balancing

PLEASE NOTE: Jessica is  currently on Maternity leave.