Ashley Steele

Meditation teacher

Ashley discovered the benefits of meditation in 2012 and it completely changed the direction of her life. At the time, she had a 6-year career as an assistant and designer in the fashion industry, which had become mundane to what she now values in life.

For Ashley meditation creates a sense of ease and grace. She believes that mediation allows every person to be much more present in their everyday lives. To feel that life is effortless, as well as abundant with joy and gratitude. Ash has found that practicing certain styles of meditation has encouraged her to experience a new creative high, something that she felt had been missing for a long time even though she had a ‘creative’ career.

Ashley believes that “Meditation to me now is like my ‘super power’ that leads me to a place of euphoria. It builds strength, courage and wisdom to handle all that life delivers my way. There are times when I have let my busy life take priority over my meditation practice and what I notice is a shift where life feels resistant and stressful.”

Ashley looks forward to bringing her worldly experience, creativity and qualifications to her classes at Vitality Health. She is excited to work with clients to achieve positive evolution in heart, mind and body.

Ash’s qualification is a Diploma in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling from Inner Voyage Collage and is a member of the International Meditation Teachers Association. During her study she focused on broad range of meditation styles and completed certificates in the areas of corporate stress management, anxiety and depression, brain body medicine and holistic counselling.