kinesiology & Transformative Coaching

Anthea Husing

Anthea became a Soul Centred Life Coach, after hitting rock bottom when she was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. After being told the road to recovery was slim, Anthea knew she had to take control of her own healing. She refused to accept their were no options and was relentless in her search to find new ways of healing and now dedicates her practice to supporting others to end their own internal suffering.

Anthea believes in teaching her clients strategies, tools and techniques they can use in their daily life to eliminate stress and anxiety. She is passionate about supporting her clients to reclaim their power, challenge their perspectives and transform their current limitations into new ways forward. She believes we all have the power within us to create the life we desire, given we have the right mindset.

Anthea sessions consist of different techniques and modalities, including but not limited to; Mindset Work, Healing The Child Within, Kinesiology and Soul Centred Psychotherapy.


  • Mindset Magic
  • Inner Child breakthrough sessions
  • Understanding your dreams
  • Shifting Perspective
  • Subconscious mind work
  • Rituals
  • Vibration work
  • Cutting the ties that bind
  • Gentle Hypnoses
  • EFT Tapping
  • Epigenetics
  • Dream Board Creation


Note: most of these are done online.

  • The Mirror – A journey to awareness and understanding who you are on a deeper level
  • Reclaim Your Power (mainly mindset work)
  • Step into your Power (looking deeper at your conditioning and belief systems)
  • Stand in your Power (Raising your vibration by cutting that ties that bind you to toxic people and behaviours and living consciously by following your core values)
  • The Judgement Detox (7-day online process)
  • Energy Balance (kinesiology)
  • Group Coaching
  • Workshops and Retreats (near future)


You can expect to become extremely aware of your behaviours, thoughts and language after the first session. Anthea will help you create a plan so that you feel supported and confident in the work that you will do together.

Prepare to get really clear about what you want in your life and find your direction. You will learn to control the inner critic and set free your intuition.

Prepare to take massive action and face some confronting concepts about yourself, look at limiting beliefs and free the ties that bind you to unhealthy energies and ideas. You can expect to do things you have never done before to achieve things you have never achieved before.

Commitment to the process… Expect to feel free… remembering that once you start this kind of work it takes an ongoing commitment. You don’t just do one course and you’re done. You will need to commit to your new routines, rituals to sustain this amazing new you that you have created.